Friday, April 23, 2010

Steve thought everybody should see this comment . . .

The following was a comment left under this post. I find that it's a waste to engage in private discussions under old posts -- and this one is a year old -- no one else would see it there. (Do you realize how many hundreds of posts we've had since then?) But Steve says it's too good not to make its own post, so let's post it for its comedic value, and to remind everyone about the irrational anger we face. The fact that somebody purporting to support the "one-in-four organization," or whatever it is, would use such language tells us a lot about them. I literally laughed out loud at this. Whoever, or whatever, wrote this was so-o-o angry that anyone would dare question her/his/its worldview that the only way they could respond was to throw a profane hissy fit and spew out the legal equivalent of diarrhea of the keyboard. I suspect the writer is about 19-years-old and has never met with opposition in her/its short, sheltered life, much less opposition she can't fathom how to counter. (By the way, in real life, nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- calls me "dude.") Read it after the jump:


You've been practicing law for 26 years? I can see it. You have the well rehearsed language: "I am objective. You are biased. My statistics are right. Yours are wrong. I am right by default. You are wrong." Seriously, do you even know what you sound like? You're making yourself look really bad.

First off, you just keep repeating the same stuff over and over again, you have no valid argument grounded in reality. You're like those Nazis who just keep reading Nazi journals online and only trust them, which fuels their hatred more and more and reinforces their bias (it's a vicious circle). It's really sad, man... seriously... take a chill pill or smoke a joint...

Secondly, we at One in Four invited you to Drexel for a discussion... let's see the facts:

- we are open to a discussion about it, you are not

- we are flexible in our opinions, listening to what even extremists like you preach, you are not open to listening to our ideas...

- your blindness and extreme bias is a result of the fear you have that anything you belief might be proven wrong by anyone, and you reject all thought and discussion on it (here's the proof: you're raging as you're reading this because I'm right!)

- I am biased because I've had a few friends who've been raped, and the rapists got acquitted because of people like you, yet I'm still open to a discussion.

Thirdly - dude, go get laid with a woman (or a man, w/e)... I really doubt you've ever had consensual sex with another person... stop hating so much, man, you're so full of hate, you're starting to look obese! Seriously...

You know how in boxing and other sports you forfeit the game if you don't show up? That's what you just did, sir! You LOST!

(yay, Drexel One in Four wins! Hooraay!)