Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Police lodging false cases nothing new, but thankfully rare

Interesting. 18 false accusations because of his "complaining against" the police. While I whole-heartedly support the police since the police are generally the first to sniff out false accusation, here is one for the books: police behaving badly.  It happens.

Court orders police commissioner to apologize and pay compensation, but sadly, no jail time.

But with the courts watching, it's turning out to be a major embarrassment for Delhi Police Commissioner Y.S. Dadwal.

The Delhi High Court on Thursday ordered him to pay a compensation of Rs 5.32 lakh to a 55-year-old resident of Sangam Vihar implicated in a false rape case and at least 17 other false cases for complaining against the police.

Dadwal has also been asked to send a written apology to Prempal, a mason, and each of his family members (wife and four children).

“If confidence has to be restored among the citizenry that the police is meant to pro- tect their rights, then such expression of contrition by those at the helm is imperative,“ Justice S. Muralidhar said.
The top cop is being made to do this second time in a year.

In May last year, the same judge asked him to apologize to a newly married couple. The Dwarka police had lodged an FIR accusing them of obscenity after they were caught kissing in public. The court had blamed the police then.

Prempal had to bear the stigma of being a rape accused and the social boycott for 15 years before being acquitted.

He moved the High Court through lawyer Wills Mathews after the police refused to compensate him despite an order of a lower court, which acquitted him in the rape case in 2004.

The court had also ordered action against all the policemen who framed him. The police reacted by booking him in another false case.

“This case is a glaring example that the poor in this country are made to suffer and pay by their life and liberty, when they complain against police officials...I consider that this is an eye-opener, which reveals the manner in which police lets off real culprits and falsely implicates innocent persons, who dare ask for justice or who want erring police officials to be brought to book,“ the lower court had said. The High Court has also asked the police to review the pending cases against Prempal.