Friday, April 9, 2010

Outrageous: Woman admits she made up rape tale, but D.A. says it would be 'almost impossible' to get a conviction

Comment on news story below:  A woman admitted she made up a rape claim, and the prosecutor says it would be almost impossible to obtain a conviction of the false accuser. This is nothing short of appalling.

Based on what I'm reading in this story, the prosecutor is announcing to the world that false rape accusers may lie with impunity, and destroy the lives of innocent men, boys, and even women, because he likely won't charge them. I hope the report got his quote wrong, because I don't see how this can be read otherwise, and that's a disgrace.

The woman in this case admitted that no rape occurred. What further evidence does the prosecutor require? At this site, we report news stories on innumerable women who have been charged for and convicted of this crime.  We also cover the true news accounts of the terrible effects of false rape reports on innocent people. Rape lies have caused innocent men and boys to be killed and to kill themselves; to be incarcerated often longer than their false accusers are legally permitted to be imprisoned when their lies are finally brought to light; to lose their good names, their jobs, their businesses, their life's savings, their wives, and their girlfriends; to be beaten, to be chased, to be spat upon, and to be looked upon with suspicion long after they are cleared of wrongdoing. It is often impossible for the falsely accused to ever obtain good employment once the lie hits the news: for the rest of his life, a falsely accused man will have prospective employers Googling his name and finding the horrid accusation. Virtually every falsely accused male will be affected by his ordeal. Many develop emotional problems that will plague them for the rest oft their lives; most will not be able to trust women, for at least a time and sometimes forever.

Sadly, if the news account is correct, the prosecutor has just announced he will stand on the sidelines and look away while a vindictive rape liar destroys the life of you or someone you love. And that is morally grotesque.

Here is the news story:

Rape accuser recants story

COOS BAY -- Prosecutors say an 18-year-old woman has changed her story and now says she wasn't raped by a 20-year-old Coos Bay man. But Jason Pallasch still faces sex charges because a 20-year-old woman went to police contending he raped her two years ago.

The younger woman called police two weeks ago to report she'd been sexually and physically assaulted. Police arrested Pallasch and the Coos County District Attorney's Office filed charges against him. But then the woman called the DA's office and said she'd made up the story and didn't want to pursue charges, said R. Paul Frasier, the DA. Prosecutors went ahead and convened a grand jury, at which point she testified that nothing happened. So the DA has dismissed those initial charges.

But Pallasch now faces charges including two counts of first-degree rape, fourth-degree assault and harassment. Those charges stem from an incident in April 2008 that a second woman reported Wednesday. He was arraigned on those charges Thursday morning in Coquille.

Frasier said he probably won't charge the 18-year-old woman with any crimes. If he tried to convict her with initiating a false police report, he'd have to prove that the rape did not occur.

"It's almost impossible to do something, especially in a rape case situation," he said.

Having someone ask for prosecutors to drop a rape case happens occasionally, though it's rare, Frasier said. At times, a women will learn she has to testify and decide not to proceed. It's not as common for someone to recant her story.

'That's very, very rare," he said.