Sunday, April 25, 2010

Man released from jail after woman recants rape claim, charges against him 'may' be dropped

Before you read the news story below, here's a quiz:

Question: How do we justify handing one class of citizens the power to deprive another class of citizens of their liberty, merely on the say so of the first class?

Answer: By convincing everyone that the members of the first class don't lie about rape.

But they do.  And that's the problem.  Read the news story below.

Woman Recants; Ex-Firefighter Released

Woman Recants Story She Was Raped In 2006

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A former firefighter accused of rape was released from jail late Friday and court officials said the charges will likely be dropped after his accuser changed her story and said the sex was consensual.

Daniel Foote, 54, was charged after police said DNA evidence from the woman who claimed to be raped in August 2006 recently matched that of Foote.

State Attorney Angela Corey told Channel 4 late Friday that the woman has recanted her story.

Foote had lived under house arrest in his Westside home since December when he pleaded guilty to three counts of bribery in an unrelated case. As he was processed into the system on that conviction, a DNA sample was taken and entered into a state database.

When Foote's DNA matched that from the woman who claimed to be raped, he was arrested and held without bond.

On Friday, Judge Virginia Norton signed an order allowing Foote to be processed out of jail on his own recognizance. Once the case can be reviewed, the charges may be dropped.

Channel 4's Jennifer Bauer tried to talk to Foote shortly after he was released from the Duval County Jail to tell his side of the story, but he did not comment.