Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lacey Carroll, facing criminal charges for rape lie against innocent businessman, drops civil action for sexual assault against magician David Copperfield

Lacey Carroll, the 23-year-old model who claimed she was raped by magician David Copperfield (those criminal charges, which hung over Mr. Copperfield's head for two years, previously were dropped against Mr. Copperfield -- see here), has now dropped her civil action for money damages against Copperfield in connection with the alleged sexual assault.

Carroll's story is noteworthy.  Long after she accused Copperfield of rape, she was charged in January 2010 with prostitution and lying to police about an attempt to solicit a 31-year-old businessman.  When the man refused her alleged offer of $2,000 for sex, she told police he drugged and raped her.  A conviction for such a vile form of rape would have gotten the innocent man possibly decades in prison. But as with so many other cases we report on here, her account of events of the alleged rape by the businessman was questioned by cops after they viewed a hotel's security video footage. 

Here's what happened in that case:  According to news accounts, Carroll met the victim at a lounge and, according to the innocent man, they engaged in sexual touching. According to this news account, "Carroll told police that she got in a taxi with her male companion and blacked out, only to wake up in a hotel room with the man on top of her, pinning her shoulders to the bed."  Only that's not what happened. "A check-in employee [at the hotel] told police she heard Carroll talk about calling another girl for a threesome . . . . Surveillance video from the Bellevue Club and Hotel shows Carroll and the man engaging in 'romantic behavior,' according to charging documents. It also shows Carroll taking an elevator by herself while her companion ordered champagne from the concierge desk." (The above photo is a still from that hotel video.)  "Carroll was taken for a rape test . . ., but refused to sign over the results to police, saying they might interfere with her case against Copperfield."

After that rape lie, Federal prosecutors dropped their criminal investigation against Mr. Copperfield.  Now, news outlets are reporting that Carroll has dropped her civil lawsuit for damages against Mr. Copperfield, which asserted claims for fraudulent misrepresentation, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, assault, and false imprisonment, has been dropped.  Mr. Copperfield's attorney had recently filed a motion to dismiss her complaint in that civil action, alleging, among other things: "Carroll's claim is insufficiently pled, failing to allege the necessary factual basis for several essential elements, including a causal relationship between the alleged misrepresentation and injury, and adequate damages." See here. That motion had not been ruled on at the time Carroll dropped the civil suit.

In Carroll's criminal case, according to this news item, Carroll appeared in criminal court last Friday to ask that the pretrial hearing be postponed for another month. Carroll also waived her right to a speedy trial.

In the news account about the civil suit being dropped, which appears below, the newspaper identifies her by name -- but makes sure to add that "she voluntarily identified herself."  It is astounding that news outlets feel a necessity to add such a disclaimer, given that this is a civil action and not a criminal case (most media outlets similarly protect the identity of Ben Roethlisberger's civil complainant), and the same woman is subject to criminal charges of her own for telling a monstrous rape lie about an innocent man.  If she had not voluntarily identified herself, would the  newspaper have hidden her identity in any story about her criminal case that happened to mention her civil action against Copperfield?  That possibility, as repulsive and inane as it sounds, would not be so far-fatched given the over-the-top political correctness that infects our news outlets when it comes to rape. It is no secret to regular readers of this blog that news outlets treat an alleged rape as far more serious, and far more evil, than a ghastly and vile rape lie that can send an innocent man or boy to prison for decades.


David Copperfield Rape Lawsuit Vanishes

The assault lawsuit against David Copperfield has made like the Statue of Liberty and disappeared.

A woman who accused the star illusionist of tricking her into visiting his island in the Bahamas in 2007 by promising her career opportunities and then forcing her to have sex once she arrived has dropped her federal complaint.

Copperfield's camp has maintained that he was a victim of "attempted extortion" and nothing more.

"It has never been about money," plaintiff Lacey Carroll (she voluntarily identified herself) said in a statement released by her attorneys Tuesday. "I just wanted him held accountable for what he did."

There was no further explanation as to why she abandoned her suit, but this last year hasn't been easy for her.

Carroll has pleaded not guilty to prostitution and filing a false police report after being accused late last year of telling police that a customer at the restaurant where she waitressed in Bellevue, Wash., drugged and raped her in a hotel room.

The man claimed, however, that she made up the story after he refused to pay her $2,000 for having sex.

The FBI investigated the rape allegations against Copperfield for nearly two years, at one point searching his Las Vegas warehouse for evidence, before ending their probe in January without filing charges.

"Carroll's lawsuit was nothing but a pathetic attempt to extort Mr. Copperfield for money with malicious and false allegations," the magician's attorney, Angelo Calfo, said in a statement. "There was no settlement. Mr. Copperfield would not and did not pay Carroll a dime to drop her lawsuit."

Calfo also said that Copperfield is cooperating with the FBI "to have Carroll prosecuted for having wasted taxpayer dollars and law enforcement resources in a two and one-half year investigation of her false allegations."