Friday, April 23, 2010

Deconstructing the rape-culture mindset: Rape Culture 101

FRS welcomes our newest member of the troupe, brilliant writer Connie Chastain.

Connie Chastain is a former staff writer for The Florida Sun, (now the Independent News), a newsweekly published in the late 1990s by former Congressman Joe Scarborough, currently the star of "Morning Joe" on MS-NBC.

"Read Cover to Cover, Never Bound by the Truth" said the little slogan in the top left corner of the cover. Chastain's articles were all nonfiction and ran the gamut from travel to current events and chemtrails to Bigfoot in Dixie.

Born in Georgia, Chastain grew up a preacher's kid in Alabama, attended Alabama Christian College (now Faulkner University) and married a Louisiana boy.

She currently resides with her husband of 30+ years in L.A. (Lower Alabama -- aka, the Florida panhandle).

Her blog is

Rape Culture 101
by Connie Chastain

The notion that a "rape culture" exists in the United States or the west, or all over Planet Earth, is fairly new to me. Although I've been opposed to feminism since the second wave forced itself on my attention in the 60s and 70s, I didn't always listen to the specifics of feminist claims.

I'm listening now, and from what I'm hearing, I believe that "rape culture" is a knowing construct, as dubious as Mary Koss's infamous "one-in-four" figure -- i.e., her 1985 claim that one in four women are the victims of rape or attempted rape.

When Archivist posted a "Call for Writers" notice several days ago, a couple of ideas occurred to me. Begin my education on what feminists say the rape culture is and see what people working within the rape-culture notion think and write about it, and how such beliefs impact the phenomena of false rape accusations.

What I discover will be covered in weekly essays posted at The False Rape Society blog.

I know what you're thinking. How objective can an anti-feminist be? Well, I'd have to say at least as objective as feminists who trumpet the one-in-four myth, who defend false accusers (i.e., always referred to as "victims") on the basis that women "deserve" the right to behave promiscuously "just like men" without consequences, and who consistently fall back on the claim that patriarchy (i.e., men) are total evil.

It looks like I'm in for quite an education. My thanks to Archivist for the opportunity to post my "enlightenment" here.