Monday, April 5, 2010

Alleged false accuser insists it was a rape -- in comment section of news report about her false claim

Here is yet another indication about how "seriously" we take false rape accusations. A woman was charged with making a false rape claim but now apparently she's out on bail, and she's insisting it was a rape -- in a comment under the news story about her false claim.  No kidding.  Now, I believe in the first amendment, but shouldn't it be a condition of her release, at the very least, that she not be permitted to continue to foment fear and hysteria about the alleged rape that police say was false? When men accused of assaulting women are permitted to be out on bail, their first amendment rights are routinely curtailed with "no contact" orders (which often keep innocent fathers from even speaking with their own children for extended periods of time). Could she not be told to shut up, or else she's going to jail (where she should be in the first place)?  One of the principal problems with false rape claims (aside from the harm they do to innocent men and boys) is the fear they instill, not to mention the slander of an entire gender. If false accusers are allowed out, it needs to be a condition of their release that they not publicize the very thing police have determined to be false.

First the news story:

SALISBURY CRIME: Woman charged with making false sexual assault report

SALISBURY -- A Fruitland woman was charged by city police after allegedly making a false report about a sexual assault.

Kelli Jean Davis-Riggin, of the 300 block of Holiday Street, has been charged with making a false report to an officer and obstructing and hindering, according to court records.

Davis-Riggin told police she was sexually assaulted inside a convenience store, but an investigation by city police found the report was false.

Davis-Riggin is being held at the Wicomico County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.


Now, her comment that appears under the news story:

First off where ever the daily times get their information from was not a reliable source. Yes true everyone has a right to their option But, were NOT in her shoes when it happened. However i was!!!!! Believe what you choose to believe the truth will all come out in the wash. In this article alone at least they did get the spelling of the name correct the address is incorrect "block" what a way to describe a resident. As far as the BOND that's a joke i was out with no bond period. All i have to say is that it happened and this foreigner will be found at fault. My best advise to all women is even if the OPEN sign is clearly on don't enter the store the one that uses a buzzer to let you in then buzzes you to leave I would hate to see this happen to anyone else.