Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woman lies to keep husband from learning of affair

Our View:  False reports hurt real victims

On Feb. 8, Marissa Ann Lovingood reportedly contacted the Murphy Police Department and said she was kidnapped and raped between 11:30 p.m. and midnight Feb. 7, Murphy Police Chief Justin Jacobs said.

Since the report was made, Lovingood allegedly told Murphy police officers she made up the story to keep her husband from learning about an affair she was having with a man from Graham County and explain why she was late getting home. She has been charged with making a false report to a law enforcement agency.

We are shocked and saddened that a woman would make up a rape to cover up an extramarital affair, especially since the abduction of Kristi Cornwell is still being investigated by local authorities.

These kind of knowingly false rape charges make it that much more difficult for real victims of sexual assault to be taken seriously and get the help they need and deserve.

Lovingood also reportedly told officers two teenage boys “raped” her. We can only imagine the lives that could have been ruined had her family sought “mountain” justice. Would two innocent teens walking down the street have paid the ultimate price for her false charges? Considering what happened after a shooting last year in Boiling Springs, you can’t be sure.

These kind of false allegations waste taxpayer money and police resources. It also sends an unnecessary fear through a community and damages the credibility of real rape victims.

We cannot allow making these kind of claims to go unpunished. Anyone who makes a false rape claim should face just as strict a penalty as other sex offenders.