Friday, March 12, 2010

Want to see what a false rape claim can do to a man?

No wonder actual rape victims loathe and detest false accusers. It would be impossible to buy publicity this bad.

Falsely accused caterer begins battle to get back his life and cash

A WOMAN who falsely accused a Derbyshire man of rape after taking £71,500 of his cash has been ordered to pay back the entire amount.

David Wilson, 45, spent seven months in custody on remand when he was charged with several crimes, including rape, after allegations were made against him.

But four days before he was due to appear in court, he was told by police that new information had come to light and he was free to go.

Mr Wilson said that before the allegations were made, he had paid the woman £71,500.

However, just four days after the money was transferred, Mr Wilson was arrested on suspicion of committing a series of offences against the woman.

A court has now said the £71,500 should be paid back to Mr Wilson.

He said: "I just want this money back and I want everyone to know that I am completely innocent.

"Spending all that time in prison wasn't an easy thing. I have had a lot of trouble over this and have been labelled all sorts of terrible things. I have lost thousands and thousands of pounds, as well.

"Even now, after all this time, I walk down the street and people look at me differently."

Mr Wilson's nightmare began in February 2007, when he was arrested and charged with dangerous driving, assault, intimidating witnesses, sexual assault and rape.

He was taken to Leicester Prison, where he was kept for eight weeks on remand before being transferred to Nottingham Prison.

Mr Wilson, who lived in Oakerthorpe, near Alfreton, before his arrest, said that, during his time in prison, he was placed alongside rapists and paedophiles and had people spitting in his food.

While he was in prison, his two children went to stay with their grandmother. He managed to speak to them and see them occasionally but said it was hard being parted from them.

In August 2007, Mr Wilson was released on bail, on condition that he kept out of Derbyshire.

He went to stay with an aunt in Birmingham but was arrested again in the October after the person who made the original accusations against him claimed he broke the conditions.

He was sent to Birmingham's Winson Green Prison and was due to appear at Derby Crown Court on November 26 until the charges were dropped. The ordeal left him homeless, jobless and separated from his two children. Before his arrest, he ran a successful business, selling hot food from a van at football matches.

He launched a civil case to recover the money which had been taken from him and Dudley County Court ordered the woman pay it back in full. He is also seeking compensation for his ordeal and losses.

Mr Wilson said: "I am completely innocent and knew all along I was but it seemed to me that nobody really wanted to listen."