Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three different false rape claims -- oops! MAKE THAT FOUR false rape claims -- by spring breakers

UPDATED 5:00 pm Eastern Time March 17, 2010: Below are three stories reported out of Florida today about two spring breakers who freely throw the "r" word around when they don't get their way, without the slightest regard for the utter and complete destruction that word can have on innocent lives.  We have reached the point where false rape claims have become the crime of choice among young women, and false accusers need to be treated not as girls who had too much to drink but as vicious criminals akin to the worst rapists.

One of the women noted in the stories is said to have falsely accused three men of rape in unrelated incidents on the same night -- a bouncer, a police officer, and a jail officer.  (Serious question: if she ever really is raped, who on earth would believer her?)  The second woman is also said to have falsely accused a police officer.  We are fast approaching the point where male police officers will always need a witness, preferably a female, or a video, when arresting a young woman. 

The news stories are below, and go here to watch a TV news report:

STORY ONE: Spring Breakers Falsely Accuse Cops Of Rape

A couple of spring breakers are being accused of filing false reports of sex crimes committed by law enforcement officers.

The first happened early Monday morning at a Front Beach Road condominium. A Bay County sheriff's deputy, working off-duty security, reports that he was trying to settle a dispute between 22-year-old Kimberly Anna Mills of McDonugh, Georgia, and her roommate 22-year-old Cynthia Nicole Crumbley.

Crumbley claims Mills blamed her for getting thrown-out of a Thomas Drive nightclub earlier in the evening for being drunk and disorderly, and locked Crumbley out of their room. When Mills allegedly became confrontational with the deputy, he arrested her. As he was taking her to a patrol car, Mills started yelling "rape".

Crumbley backed-up the deputy, saying Mills accused the nightclub's bouncer of raping her when he had to physically remove her from the business.

The second incident happened around 4:45 Monday afternoon, at a different Thomas Drive club. Authorities say 19-year-old Megan Judith Wheeler of Allen, Texas had passed-out drunk in a bathroom stall.

When club staff tried to escort her out, they say Wheeler became physically and verbally abusive.

Beach police arrested wheeler for disorderly conduct.

Once Wheeler reached the Bay County Jail, she claimed the Beach police officer who arrested her had raped her in the back of the patrol car.

Investigators checked out the claims and say Wheeler was never alone with the officer, she kept changing her story and refused to submit to a rape test examination.

Both women were charged with disorderly conduct and filing a false report of rape against a law enforcement officer.

Link to story and video here:

STORY TWO: Police, deputies charge women with filing false reports

PANAMA CITY BEACH — A woman who accused a sheriff's deputy, a jail officer and a club security guard of rape has been charged with filing a false crime report in addition to disorderly conduct.

Kimberly Mills, 22, of McDonough, Ga., was taken to the Bay County Jail early Monday after a sheriff's deputy said she locked a friend out of their hotel room, fought with her and resisted when he tried to intervene.

She was arrested for disorderly conduct but resisted on the way to a patrol car, according to an incident report, eventually accusing the deputy of raping her.

She later made the same accusation toward an officer at the Bay County Jail, where staff said she remained Wednesday on $5,000 bond for the felony charge. She also had $250 bond for the disorderly.

Panama City Beach police also charged a woman with disorderly conduct and filing a false rape report this week. They said 19-year-old Megan Wheeler reached the Bay County Jail and claimed an officer raped her in the back of his patrol car.


STORY THREE: Woman arrested, loudly accuses 3 of rape

PANAMA CITY BEACH — A woman arrested for disorderly intoxication early Monday accused a security guard, a sheriff's deputy and a detention officer of raping her, according to a Bay County Sheriff's Office report.

The 22-year-old Georgia woman, staying at Beachbreak by the Sea on Front Beach Road, was booked into the Bay County Jail after she was kicked out of Sharky's Beach Club.

A deputy was working off-duty security at Beachbreak when an upset woman came to the night manager. She was locked out of a room.

Inside the room was her friend, who was carried out of Sharky's after an earlier disturbance. That woman was angry about what happened and wouldn't let her roommate in the room, according to the report.

The deputy went to the room to see if he could diffuse the dispute, but it escalated to yelling and shoving, he wrote.

He eventually arrested the 22-year-old on the disorderly charge, handcuffing her and leading her to the patrol car. On the way, she "kept trying to turn and look at me" and then "yelled that her breasts were exposed and asked me to pull her bra up," the deputy wrote.

"I told (her) I would not pull her bra up," he added.

As he put her in the back seat, "she yelled out, 'You raped me,'" although she later recanted, according to the report.

Her roommate said she wasn't surprised, because earlier the woman had accused the Sharky's guard of rape.

Just before the deputy took the woman to jail, she yelled out that she was going to "shank" her roommate and kill her, the deputy wrote.

After she arrived at the jail, he added, she claimed one of two male security guards who escorted her also raped her.