Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We hear a lot about "victim blaming," Have you ever really heard anyone blame a rape victim for being raped?

Note: Is it ever right to "blame" an actual victim and to excuse the criminal?  The question scarcely survives its statement.  No rational person believes it's right to do that.

But "victim blaming" in the rape milieu is largely a myth.  It's a frequent excuse posited by rape feminists
to explain away the fact that rape is reported so infrequently.  It is one of the reasons they use to explain why most rape victims are supposedly afraid to come forward.

We have a legal term for such rationalization: horseshit.

The vast majority of so-called "victim blaming" (and it ain't that common, ladies) is of two types, neither of which are objectionable to any rational human being:

First: it's simply a manifestation of a belief that you have to be careful because there are criminals out there. Real controversial, right?  It's the same kind of "victim blaming" my grandmother heaped on me for going into a bad neightborhood one night, and I got the shit kicked out of me.  My grandmother would be the first to throttle the shit-kickers, but as she put ice on my eye, she yelled at me for being so stupid.  And please, rape feminists, spare me the self-righteous blather about how men wouldn't understand: it is beyond dispute that innocent men are violently assaulted 150-200% more than women.  It's innocent men who need to take back the night, not the rare female rape victim.

Second: The other kind of "victim blaming" occurs when the speaker -- almost always a woman, by the way -- doesn't really believe that a rape occurred.  "She was dressed like that, she was drinking, and she went up to his room?!  What did she expect?" Note that this statement doesn't evince a belief that the subject was actually raped; it evinces a belief that the subject's conduct likely manifested assent to consensual sex -- and that isn't rape, by any standard.  So this one isn't "victim" blaming at all -- after all, there has to be a "victim" before there can be "victim blaming."