Friday, March 12, 2010

Illustration of how the news media unquestioningly believes false rape claims are actual rapes

Below are two stories about the same alleged event, just hours apart from one another. The rape claim turned out to be false, but you would never dream this was even a possibility by reading the first story. The stories, read together, are chilling, not so much for the fact that they chronicle yet another in an endless cavalcade of false rape report, but because they illustrate how the news media accepts without question the very allegation of a rape as factual. When it comes to rape, the news media too often is nothing more than a stenographer for the accuser.

STORY ONE: Attempted rape leads to Lower Hutt manhunt

Lower Hutt police are searching for two men following an attempted rape this morning.

[FRS COMMENT: Note it wasn't an "alleged" attempted rape. It was an attempted rape in fact.]

A 20-year-old woman was pushed over and indecently assaulted as she was making her way from Farmers Crescent to the Pomare Train Station around seven o'clock.

[FRS COMMENT: The woman "was" pushed over, not "allegedly was pushed over."]

Detective Sergeant Dean Simpson says the two men believed to be responsible for the attack were last seen running south down Eastern Hutt Rd.

[FRS COMMENT: The only question is the identity of the male perpetrators, not whether the act occurred.]

Both are described as male Maori, aged 18 to 20, of thin to average build and approximately 5'7 to 5'8 tall. One was wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and the other wore a white t-shirt.

[FRS COMMENT: Ah, as W.S. Gilbert would say, this merely corroborative detail, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative. The imaginations of some of these rape liars are astounding in terms of inventing details. Now imagine if you were one of the hundreds of males in the vicinity who matched this description. I suspect you wouldn't be happy with everyone looking at you as a possible rapist.]

Detective Sergeant Simpson says the victim has been left traumatised by the attack.

[FRS COMMENT: The definite "victim" was definitely "traumatised" by the definite "attack."]


STORY TWO: Wellington train station rape 'false complaint'

LATEST: An alleged attempted rape at a Lower Hutt train station this morning was a false complaint, according to police.

[FRS COMMENT: Now, after the truth is known, the news outlet calls it an "alleged" attempt. Why couldn't the earlier story had included that one simple word that would have made it accurate?]

A woman, 20, had claimed she was sexually assaulted while walking to catch the train at Pomare station shortly before 7am.

[FRS COMMENT: Guess what? In the earlier story she had only "claimed" she was raped, too, but that's not how it was reported, was it? And why not? It is difficult to fathom that the news media is so unsophisticated that it assumes every rape allegation is true? Or is it more likely that it has an ideological, politically correct motivation to treat every alleged sexual assault as an actual assault?]

The station was closed till 7.45am while police conducted a scene examination.

[FRS COMMENT: Note the obvious: the police aren't dumb enough to take the word of a rape accuser without more. They actually go out and investigate. Funny, we thought that's what journalists were supposed to do, too. Shows how dumb we are.]

Police said this afternoon the woman admitted while being interviewed that she made a false complaint.

[FRS COMMENT: Do you get it? In the eyes of the news media, a reported rape is a rape-in-fact so long as a woman says so. She alone has the power to release the community from its grip of fear about a scary young male with a dangerous penis on the loose. And too often, she alone has the power to release an innocent young male wrongly arrested for a rape that never occurred. Why? Because the news media -- because ALL OF US -- are too ready to assume guilt on the basis of nothing more than an accusation. The news media ought to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us -- it's their job to report the truth, isn't it?]