Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girl confesses that her rape lie put three boys in prison

The atrocity reported in the news story below is beyond words.  Sadly, it is typical of many we report on day after day after day.  I would like to hear one woman who self-identifies as a feminist condemn the girl's actions.  Just one.  What is so terribly reprehensible is not just the fact that a girl was willing to sacrifice the lives of three innocent boys to exact revenge against one of them, but that she was able to do it.  There is something terribly, terribly wrong with a system that allows this.  (Thanks for AfOR for tipping us off about this one.)

Rape girl 'confession' caught on camera

New evidence suggests a girl’s rape testimony, which sent three teenage boys to prison, may have been fabricated

A 16-year-old girl, whose allegation that she was raped at Fredericia train station resulted in the conviction of three teenage boys, unknowingly confessed on a hidden camera that she lied about the incident, according to public broadcaster DR.

The video was taped by one of the boy’s families and is presently being used as evidence in a Western High Court case to have the original convictions overturned. The girl is now being charged by police for fabricating the story.

In the video, the brother of one of the three boys approaches the girl and chats with her on a sofa. The video shows the girl flirting with the boy while he tries to draw the true explanation out of her of what actually happened at the station.

At one point while being filmed, the girl says she was not held down by two of the boys while the other raped her, as she testified in court. She added that the sex she had with the one boy was consensual.

The girl also said in the video that she made the accusations because she was angry at one of the boys. She added that it was unfortunate the two others were sentenced in the case, but said she couldn’t find any other way to get back at the one boy.

During the filming she said she would not recant her testimony for fear of being punished or ending up in a youth offender institution.

Link: http://www.cphpost.dk/component/content/48436.html?task=view