Sunday, March 7, 2010

Falsely accused soldier thanks our readers

The author of this gripping personal account thanked our readers in a comment to his story:

Thank you for all your kind words. I am the author of the article and i really would like to extend my deepest thanks. When I was sixteen I was kicked out of my home. I had just turned seventeen by the time CYS(children and youth services) had taken me into there system. I was too old for a foster home so I was sent to a group home.

A group home is usually private owned and payed for by the state. I ran into the, "usual" in that system. The kids who had anger issues, foster kids with problems, and kids like myself who their parents had kicked to the curb. I was assigned a counselor who did help me quite a bit but didn't fix the problem completely.

My problem was I was smart and fat, which means i was a complete loser in high school. The only thing that can make you feel like I did is the movie, "white oleander." I was fat and a big guy which means I got picked on in High School. This of course didnt translate well to homelife and after a fight with my brother;in which my mom had to choose him or me. She chose my little brother.

After getting out of the system when I turned 18 (by choice u can choose to stay until 21) I had to live somewhere. My mom wouldn't allow me to live with her so I lived with my grandparents(matriarchial). I got a job at a telemarketing company which closed its doors and then with Mcdonalds. You have to understand all of this was while I should have been going to prom etc.

While at my job with Mcdonalds I walked into a local boxing gym. Within a year I had dropped 80 pounds to 210. My grandfather who i loved dearly was an army veteran a retired master sergeant. I walked into a army recruiting office and in almost a month I was off to basic training.

After basic training I was assigned to germany. It was awesome the clubs closed at 5am and for a 19 year old who can now drink it was the time of my life. I was considered a, "PT stud"(means I can run real fast and do alot of pushups and situps without resting) so life at work was going great. We were going to Irag in 3 months so everyone was partying harder than ususal.

I did my tour in Iraq and I won't explain my experience here. I was a combat engineer which means I was route clearance and cache search. That means we drive ahead of everyone and look for IEDS(improvised explosive device) or we look for hidden weapons or bombs etc. When we got back it was awesome.

Fast forwarding, I had just done my second tour. I was stop-lossed and now I got to go on leave for a MONTH, A MONTH!!!! I didn't even know what all to do, off for a month all that money I saved from two deployments I could go anywhere. Not only that but I would be payed for the month too.

I figured hey go out with my best friend %%%%%% for a couple of days then take a flight to wherever. Then the absolute impossible happened, something that the feminist group who came to my group home said never happened. I got accused of raping a woman.

Fast forwarding again, I have sought help for myself. I don't drink anymore unless its a social situation. If it is I leave the drinking at the bar. I still don't trust women, if it can happen once it can again. However I got better, this was in January (that I got better).

My rage when I wrote this is almost gone.

Thanks again for reading my story.