Wednesday, March 10, 2010

College woman falsely accused innocent man of rape for no reason

Comment: Readers of this site know that the case described in the news account below this comment is incredibly typical. An innocent man was arrested after he was falsely accused of rape. He was detained and forced to undergo a full forensic examination (recently explained, in graphic detail, on this blog by a falsely accused ex-soldier). Imagine, if you can, the horror he experienced not knowing if the truth would be believed, not knowing if he might spend many years in prison. They young woman was found by friends crying, and they took her to the police where she lied that she was raped. In fact, the man had departed her apartment without having sex because he didn't feel comfortable with her drunken state. She will serve no jail time despite trying to destroy the man's life. The judge correctly noted that not only did she gravely harm the man, she also did a great disservice to actual rape victims. For every rape lie, the credibility of actual rape victims is reduced.


Teenage student who falsely cried rape 'has harmed real victims'

A UNIVERSITY student who falsely cried rape has been condemned for doing a disservice to genuine victims.

Karen Cassie, 19, claimed she had been attacked and forced to have sex following a drunken night out.

The man she accused went back to her flat after meeting in a nightclub and the pair started kissing but he left when he felt "uncomfortable" with the situation.

The fashion design student at Heriot Watt University in Galashiels, Selkirkshire, was later found by friends crying outside her accommodation and she told them she had been raped.

She repeated the allegation to the police but when discrepancies appeared in her story she later admitted she had not been raped and was "extremely remorseful".

Meanwhile, the man she accused of raping her was detained by police for several hours and subjected to a full forensic investigation.

Selkirk Sheriff Court heard that the student had written a letter of apology to the man in which she described him as a "decent guy" who "did not deserve this".

She wrote: "I cannot explain why I did it. I deeply regret it."

Sheriff Kevin Drummond said: "I am sure you understand you did a great disservice to every genuine rape victim. You also did a grave, grave wrong to a young man and wasted a considerable amount of police time. It is to your credit that you recognise all that.

"This is a charge which would justify imprisonment but, in all the circumstances, I am able to apply the alternative."

The teenager stood motionless as she was ordered to carry out 80 hours of community service.

Cassie, of Achinreir, Barcaldine near Oban, Argyll, pleaded guilty to a charge of wasting £538 worth of police time after making the false rape accusation at Galashiels Police Station on 18 October last year.

Mark Keane, prosecuting, explained how Cassie had been out drinking with friends on the evening of 17 October – ending up at a local nightclub. He said: "She was very drunk and at about 3am, she walked off with a man, and they got a taxi to her address."

Mr Keane said the pair "chatted, listened to music, and started kissing" but the man "felt uncomfortable" and arranged a lift home, leaving at about 3:45am.

When Cassie was not in her accommodation, friends began to look for her, and found her outside the building, sitting on the ground, upset, and crying.

Mr Keane said: "They asked her what was wrong and she said she had been raped."

Police attended and the taxi, which had taken the man home, was intercepted and he was detained before being subjected to a full forensic examination.

Cassie gave a statement at 7:30am, claiming the man had raped her.

Mr Keane went on: "He was interviewed and denied the allegation, and the accused was interviewed again regarding discrepancies, when she said her recollection was poor due to the amount of alcohol she had taken.

"She said she could not explain why she had said she had been raped."

Defence agent Greig McDonell said:

"She is no longer going out and getting drunk."