Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone from Feministing care to defend this? Bring it on!

A reader on another thread linked to the following hate screed from Feministing community concerning the case about Biurny Peguero.  You remember, she's the New York woman whose lie sent an innocent man to prison, not for a few days or weeks -- for four years -- where, he revealed, he was subjected to those prison atrocities reserved for rapists.

A writer named "Sophia" declares that she doesn't understand all the media attention for this "mundane perjury story."

You read that right.  "Mundane perjury story." 

Ladies and gentlemen, feminists have applauded convicting a teenage boy of a felony when, after engaging in consensual sex, he delayed withdrawing for five to ten seconds after the older girl with whom he was having sex told him to withdraw.  Kindly compare that five to ten second ordeal with one that lasted four years.  Ms. Peguero, you see, could have released her victim from his false rape hell at any time, and instead of waiting five to ten seconds, she waited several years until a priest convinced her to do so.

Five to ten seconds warrants a felony conviction.  Four years is a "mundane perjury story."

What does Sophia think is left of the innocent man's life right now?  Does she even care?  If she cared to think about him as a human being for even a nanosecond, would she be sufficiently dishonest with herself to think he will ever be right after that?

Sophia then makes this astounding leap in "logic" that you will need to read several times even to assure yourself you've not missed anything: "The message ingrained in this one headline, . . . is that women will make up being raped or physically assaulted by men. Women are meant to be recipients of a male's sexual appetites and when she rebukes this role, innocent men go to prison."

Come again?  From what despicable, disgusting corner of Sophia's ass did that come from?  This underscores what we've known all along: women like Sophia would do well to ditch the Womyn's Studies classes and invest in a few logic courses instead.  Read her statement again, and try to follow the twisted, misandric rationale:  false claims are really nothing more than women rebuking men's sexual desires.

Once more, you see, as is always the case, "men" as a class are the problem, not criminals, not even someone like Biurny Peguero, whose lie destroyed another life.  I know nothing about Sophia aside from the post I excerpt below, but based on this it seems clear that Sophia can't concern herself with Ms. Peguero's lie because, hey, it was just a loathsome male she destroyed. There is no other rationale for this bizarre, hateful, girlish diatribe. 

Let's cut the shit: if a woman were subjected to four years of the kind of atrocities this innocent man suffered, it would be the biggest story on the planet. A man is subjected to such atrocities and, to this writer, it's just a "mundane perjury story."

Sophia ends, like all self-righteous persons who contort truth, logic, and morality beyond all recognition: "I'm disgusted."

No, Sophia.  We're disgusted. You're disgusting


Why is this front page news? By all accounts, she deserves no more mainstream retribution and criticism than any other person who commits an act of perjury or falsely reports a crime. It is not readily apparent to me why this woman's particular story was featured on the front page of a high-traffic , mainstream, online media outlet. After digging through the related news stories spanning many years, I still can't recognize why her story is national-media attention worthy?

And this is where my mind starts in.

The message ingrained in this one headline, regardless of the content and context of the article, is that women will make up being raped or physically assaulted by men. Women are meant to be recipients of a male's sexual appetites and when she rebukes this role, innocent men go to prison.

Reading the words "fake" , "rape" and "victim" strung together carelessly, in effect sensationalizing an otherwise mundane perjury case, conveys a sense of illegitimacy and unimportance. The title of this story simultaneously portrays the story of this woman as a slight against all innocent men, perpetuates the sociological theme of the wanton Jezebel and contends that rape and its victims are no real problems in our society.

I am disgusted.