Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angry feminist puts this Web site in its place

I think it's good, every once in a while, to illustrate what a Canadian feminist moonbat (and yes, I appreciate that this is a term of disparagement of "progressives") looks like.  This was a comment from Ontario left under this post.  Please note that as commentators here probably realize, any comment left on posts more than a couple days old requires approval. So, yes, dear, readers, I specifically approved this one -- for comic relief.  (The reason we require approval for old posts: spam.  This site is overrun with spam on old posts.)  Here are her/his comments -- filed under ANONYMOUS, of course, with my comments throughout:

Hey, you want to know why the newspaper reports sexual assaults, whether attempted, false, or real, in such a fashion? TO WARN OTHER WOMEN. At the time of the rape, no one knows whether it was real or not, so it's better to warn the public. ALSO, the Toronto police were put on trial in the 80s for NOT warning the public about a balcony rapist, which could have prevented real rapes.

[FRS COMMENT: Please read and re-read this breathtaking sentence: "At the time of the rape, no one knows whether it was real or not . . . ."  Get it?  Nobody knows if the rape occurred -- when the rape occurred.  Sounds like our brilliant commentator is convinced it was a rape, doesn't it?  Teaching moment: Nobody is suggesting that a possible rape isn't news.  We merely suggest that it be reported accurately.  "A rape was reported and the only evidence police have is the word of the accuser." Now that  would be accurate.] 

Of course I agree that some women lie about being raped, just as some men lie about NOT raping. And just to let you know, more women are actually raped then those that lied about it. Go to a sexual assault clinic and see what rape does to people. Some women are made INFERTILE by the brutality of rape.

[FRS COMMENT: You can tell that this woman/man is not a regular reader of this site, but she//he/it does have chutzpah.  Poor thing stumbled across our site after doing this search: "rape in cambridge ontario."  So she finds us, and her eyes are probably ready to pop out of her head -- because how dare someone suggest that the false rape epidemic is worthy of a website? She proceeds to post a comment on something we talked about more than two months ago, trying to educate us on rape and false rape claims!   A little serious advice, dear: you would do well to set aside your Womyn's Studies texts for a couple of weeks (better yet, burn them) and read through the objectively verifiable studies and other materials throughout this site.]


[FRS COMMENT: Boy, she really told me, didn't she?]

If you have any balls at all, you WON'T prevent this comment from appearing. I don't wish rape upon you, but having some guy slam you up against a wall and rape YOU in the ass might teach you a lesson, idiot.

[FRS COMMENT: I swear, feminists have this fetish about me being raped.  I mean, I let them come on this site to have their say about serious issues, and the first thing they want to talk about is me being raped. Gotta be honest, the image doesn't really do anything for me.]

P.S: I see the comments must be approved by the "author", so I know you read this, you asshole. Fuck you and horse you rode in on.
[FRS COMMENT: Hey!  Keep my horse out of it -- you'll have PETA all over us!]