Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teen girl lied that man forcibly raped her

Men who have sex with teenage girls are typically guilty of statutory rape. Many states do not charge statutory rape for consensual sex when the parties are at least a certain age and are within two or three years of each other.  However, when men have sex with teen girls, whether or not it is defined as statutory rape, they are at risk of also being falsely accused of forcible rape (with carries a much greater sentence than statutory rape).  That's what initially happened here -- the teen girl falsely claimed her consensual adult male lover forcibly raped her because she thought he was cheating on her. There is no indication that the girl will be charged for her crime (and yes, I am assuming she did lie because she admitted it and because these lies are rarely brought to trial).  Most lies in this situation occur because the girl is covering up a consensual affair with a verboten partner from her parents.  Note that this young man was sentenced to six months behind bars, a far cry from the decades he probably would have received if he had been convicted of forcible rape.

Corinth man, 21 pleads guilty to having sex with teen

QUEENSBURY -- A 21-year-old Corinth man pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge he had sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Thomas M. Allen of Hamilton Avenue pleaded guilty to third-degree rape, a felony, for having sex with the girl last spring in Lake Luzerne.

After the arrest, Allen was also charged with two other felonies for allegedly submitting a forged letter to the Warren County assigned counsel program. In the letter, he falsely indicated he paid $500 a month rent in an effort to qualify for representation by the public defender's office.

Those felony counts -- offering a false instrument for filing and criminal possession of a forged instrument -- will be dropped as part of a plea deal. That deal will result in Allen being sentenced to 6 months in Warren County Jail and 10 years on probation when he is sentenced March 10.

The girl initially told police Allen forced her to have sex, but then told police that she lied about that allegation because she became upset when she thought Allen had been cheating on her, court records show.