Monday, February 1, 2010

Revenge was the motive in false report of statutory rape

False report of statutory rape lands Stamford woman in jail

Written by Lynsey Santimays

Patricia Castaneda, 19, of Stamford, was arrested and charged with falsely reporting an incident in the first degree and misuse of the 911 emergency system on Saturday, Jan. 9.

At 7 p.m., Darien Police were contacted by Stamford’s emergency dispatch, who said that they had a female caller reporting an adult man having sex with a minor in a car in Darien. The woman said she walked by a red Pontiac parked behind a bank near Interstate 95, and saw the two having sex, police said. She also reported that the license plates did not belong to the car.

Darien Police began searching town for the alleged car and individuals. While checking Goodwives Shopping Center, they found a red Pontiac car parked behind a restaurant. The owner of the car was found inside the restaurant cleaning, police said. While he admitted that it was his car and that the plates did not belong on the car, he said that he had not been in the car for several hours.

Upon hearing the allegations, the man told police that his ex-girlfriend, Castaneda, has been harassing him recently. He said that she had called the restaurant every day attempting to get him in trouble, which his manager confirmed, police said.

Darien Police checked with Stamford dispatch, to see if the woman caller identified herself as Castaneda. Stamford dispatch confirmed that the caller was Castaneda.

Darien and Stamford police went to Castaneda’s residence, where she admitted to calling 911. However, she denied saying that the man was having sex with a minor. Castaneda also said that she did not know who the car belonged to. Police said that Castaneda continued to change her story, and because of that, she was placed under arrest.

Castaneda posted $2,500 bond and has a court date of Jan. 19.