Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reported sexual assault false -- the third this year at university

Notice 5 things in the following article:

1. This is the third false rape claim this academic year at the university -- correct me if I'm wrong, but that means since last September. Four months. How many actual rapes have occurred in that time? My guess is that it's fewer than three, and likely none.

2. The fact that the article does not identify the gender of the person reporting the false assault, but the gender of the "attackers" is spelled out.

3. The lack of identification of the person making the claim.

3. The fact that the person who admitted to lying about the attack, is sill referred to as the "alleged victim." Since they admitted they lied about being assaulted, shouldn't they be now listed at the "alleged perpetrator"?

5. It's nice to know that all who have filed false reports have at least been charged. We'll try to see if there was any actual punishment in any of those cases.

Sexual Assuault was a false claim

The sexual assault reported to the University of Cincinnati Police Division Friday, Jan. 8, was a false claim.

The alleged victim told investigators the report was not true. The original report said the student was approachecd by two men in front of the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. She said the men felt her up and said "What you got in there?"

The student who made the false report has been "cited for reporting a sexual offense that did not happen," according to an e-mail that Gene Ferrara, director of public safety, sent to the university Monday, Jan. 25.

This false report was the third of the academic year. In each incident, the person making the false report was charged.

Link: http://www.newsrecord.org/sections/news/reported-sexual-assault-false-1.2148554