Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rape advocacy group reacts to verdict against serial false accuser -- can you guess how it reacts?

Women Against Rape has commented on the Gail Sherwood verdict.  Can you guess what they said?  First, let's remind ourselves what happened.

Ms. Sherwood was the serial false accuser who was convicted last week after a six week trial of perverting the course of justice.  Ms. Sherwood accused a man with whom she had a minor traffic collission of stalking her, which led to his arrest and detention for 20 hours before he was released without charge.  Less than two weeks later, Ms. Sherwood told police she was dragged into the woods by a man with a weapon who then raped her as she returned to her car from walking her dogs. A little more than a month after that, Ms. Sherwood claimed she was hit over the head, taken to a remote spot, and raped.

One time, she was found naked from the waist down with tape over her mouth and with her hands tied behind her. Another time, a police helicopter located her half-naked behind a fence.

Police arrested Sherwood after a covert camera disproved her claim of being kidnapped from her home.  She was not dragged from her house against her will.  The video showed her calmly leaving by herself.  In addition, medics found her scratches were self-inflicted. Prosecutors said she caused the innocent man's arrest as "she felt lonely and needed attention."

As we previously reported, Ms. Sherwood initially admitted making up the harassment and stalking claims after her arrest but then decided to fight the charges of perverting the course of justice at Bristol Crown Court.

So, how does Women Against Rape react to the verdict?  A spokesman for Women Against Rape said the following -- and please make sure you are sitting down: "We are shocked at today's verdict. Our belief in her innocence remains unshaken."

And there you have it.  A woman says she was raped, and no matter how incredible her tale, no matter that it even insults your intelligence, these rape advocates say she must have been raped.  Not "we aren't sure what happened," but "we are shocked at today's verdict." 

This raises two questions: is there any circumstance that would cause this organization to disbelieve a woman who says she was raped?  And why doesn't this outfit that by saying inane things like this, it is actually hurting women who've been raped by casting suspicion on every single claim, including the legitimate ones -- or is it that they really don't they care?