Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Police: Rape account false

This is frightening. Eleven and twelve years old, and they already know exactly what kind of response they will get for falsely crying rape. If this doesn't send a chill through every person reading this, I don't know what will. Why did they cry rape? To excuse being out too late. Of course, they aren't named. Shouldn't there be a responsibility on law enforcement to let others, specifically the kids (by that we mean "the boys") these girls go to school with and those kids' parents, know what kind of danger these girls pose?

Notice the elaborate descriptions of the alleged rapists.  If you don't think such "white lies" by schoolgirls can come back to destroy some innocent male, you haven't been reading this site very long.  We have innumerable examples of innocent men and boys being arrested on the basis of similar lies.  And note the allegations about consensual sex -- who do you think is going to be penalized for that?  Hint: they have a Y-chromosome.

Unnamed girls cry rape to cover being late, and consensual sex

Two Eunice girls face charges of ungovernable juvenile and criminal mischief for allegedly making false claims of being abducted and raped Dec. 21 on the campus of East Elementary School, according to Capt. Brett Faulkner of the Eunice Police Department.

The girls, ages 11 and 12, gave statements to the police that they had been walking on East Magnolia Street near North Martin Luther King Drive when they were abducted and subsequently driven to the parking lot of East Elementary, where they were raped.

The girls gave elaborately detailed descriptions of the men they said abducted them and of the alleged incident.

After reviewing the statements, investigators found several discrepancies, Faulkner said.

Both girls were interviewed and investigators determined that both had lied about the incident. They had made up the story to avoid getting into trouble with their parents for being out too late, Faulkner said.

It was also found that both girls had been involved in consensual sexual activity with other juveniles during the time they had claimed they had been abducted, according to Eunice police.

Investigators are still interviewing other juveniles who may have information on the incident.