Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Narberth Town Moor rape allegation was false

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Unnamed girl files false rape allegation

A teenage girl's false allegation of rape sparked off a 24-hour police investigation in Pembrokeshire at the weekend.

The girl reported to police on Saturday night that she had been the victim of the serious sexual assault in Narberth the previous week.

But following an extensive police enquiry, it was found that her claim was not true.

It is understood that she may now face a prosecution for wasting police time.

FRS Comment: Get that? She MAY face prosecution. NOT, she "will" face prosecution. If she ends up not being prosecuted, a message is sent that you can get away with falsely reporting sexual assault. How does this NOT increase the likelihood of more such claims?

Police issued an urgent appeal yesterday (Sunday) for witnesses and information relating to the alleged incident, which the girl had told them took place on Narberth's Town Moor, near the old primary school, on the evening of Saturday January 23rd. But within hours, her claims were established to be false.

A police spokesman confirmed today (Monday): "The female has withdawn her allegation. This followed a comprehensive investigation by local police CID, under the direction of a senior investigating officer.

"This allegation was subsequently found to be untrue."

FRS Comment: Nothing stating why the police determined the claim to be false. Just that they were.

The spokesman added: "Dyfed-Powys police, in line with national requirements, treats all allegations of sexual assaults seriously; this involves the use of specially-trained officers to support victims during what is a traumatic experience.

"Victims of sexual assaults should not suffer in silence, and we encourage them to contact us.

"Sexual Attack Referral Centres (Sarc) and other agencies provide independent support if the victim feels unable to speak to the police."

Link: http://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/4883926.Teen_made_up_rape_allegation/