Friday, February 5, 2010

Jessica Crider charged with false reporting

So, as is too often seen in custody battles, a false allegation was trotted out. It doesn't appear that this one worked worth a damn. And once again, we see the accused arrested at his workplace, and he lost his job, even if just temporarily. Mr. McCartney should certainly be fighting for sole custody after this.

Jessica Crider charged with false reporting over sexual assault charge

Bradley McCartney was arrested on first-degree sexual assault charges in late December based on allegations from Jessica Crider, but police say that Crider made the whole thing up and have charged her with false reporting, witness tampering and bribery.

Although not married, the couple has two children together and were recently engaged in a custody dispute. Police say that the custody dispute is the likely motivation behind what they call false allegations against McCartney.

"I'm sure she'll never admit to that, but you almost have to surmise that as being the likely motivation," said North Platte Police Lt. Mike Swain. "What led to this was some telephone calls we found out about and we obtained the records to those calls and determined she had made the story up."

Swain said that the witness tampering and bribery charges that have been filed are all part of the same investigation. McCartney was initially arrested at his place of employment and temporarily lost his job. He had to post a $5,000 bond to obtain his release from jail last month and has had to endure public scrutiny.

False allegations are something the police say they take seriously and the investigation into Crider's actions continues. While McCartney was arrested on the charges, the Lincoln County Attorney's Office never filed those charges based on developing information during the course of the investigation.
The custody case, which was initially scheduled the Tuesday after Crider reported the claims of sexual assault to police, has been continued.