Monday, February 8, 2010

The inanity that is feminism

Pockets of our society have moved away from the concept of equal opportunity on which America was founded and built and now embrace a bizarre concept that the government should inject itself into people's private affairs to assure equal outcomes. Here's an example that advocates criminalizing men who don't do "enough" around the house, from this vapid site -- written by a Womyn's Studies student:

In situations where both spouses work full time and you have one of these guys that is neglecting his share of household duties perhaps legislation could be introduced to charge these men with child neglect. Either his wife could report him or if it is discovered by a social worker, relative etc they could also report him.

Of course the same for female spouses but men are obviously the problem by and large in this case.

This won't eliminate the problem but it is one positive step toward it and definitely sends a message that society will not tolerate this kind of neglect and laziness in such a crucial area.

Nice. Some of the comments are actually on point in exposing this idiocy -- about how men work more that women outside the home; about how women are the first to scream about reproductive choice so it's not such a great idea to allow the government to take such invasive measures in our private relationships; amd that it's sexist to say men are the ones neglecting housework, etc.

Isn't it astounding that there is a class where issues such as this arise?