Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warrant issued for Lindsay Gorman, over false rape claim

So, it appears that she doesn't want to face any punishment for her false rape claim. Something tells me that she's going to get a bit more time than she otherwise would have, just for skipping out.

Lindsay Gorman has warrant issued for failure to appear on false rape claim.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a girl who falsely claimed that she had been raped, after she failed to appear in court for sentence.

Lindsay Gorman, 20, originally from Lake Glen Avenue, Belfast sparked a massive police hunt last year after claiming she had been raped.

Belfast Crown Court heard that Gorman, has not been seen since her last court appearence in late October when she pleaded guilty to a single charge of doing an act between April 26 and July 25 last year which had a tendancy to pervert public justice by claiming she had been attacked and raped by an unknown man.

Solicitor Una Conway, from Donnelly and Wall, told Judge Geoffrey Miller that Gorman had not been seen by her family for a number of weeks and it would appear that a new address she supplied to the authorities was false.

Judge Miller, when issuing the bench warrant, said he would deal with the case once the warrant had been executed and Gorman brought before the courts again.