Monday, January 11, 2010

THIS is why we have this site

Here is how society values the lives, the liberty, and the dignity of men accused of rape: any male above a certain age can be automatically arrested solely on the basis of the rape accusation of a female.  Period.  They are often arrested first, before the police even bother to investigate whether the woman's scratches were self-inflicted, whether the woman is mentally troubled, or whether the woman had a bias to target the man for a fake rape charge.

The fact that any male, above a certain age (and it's getting lower and lower) can have his liberty snatched from him based solely on the say-so of a lone, mentally troubled woman, shows that something is terribly, terribly wrong with our law enforcement system, and with our society.  The fact that we hand women so much power over men, while holding them to essentially no accountability, is the reason we have this site.

Thanks to AfOR

Cry-rape mother 'wanted attention'

A MUM faked two rapes in a bid to get attention, a jury has heard.

Gail Sherwood, 52, was found half naked, bound and gagged at beauty spots five weeks apart.

Cops used a helicopter and sniffer dogs to find her after pals were sent SOS texts.

She accused one man of both attacks - an innocent motorist with whom she had an accident months earlier.

Medics found her scratches were self-inflicted. Prosecutors said she wasted police time and caused the man's arrest as "she felt lonely and needed attention".

Sherwood, of Stroud, Gloucs, denies perverting justice at Bristol Crown Court. Case continues.