Monday, January 11, 2010

THIS is why we have this site, Part II

Another one, and it raises questions similar to the one I just posted: see here.  Here, police arrested a man despite the obvious possibility that the rape charge was made as leverage in a custody battle.  Why didn't the police figure that out?  Because they arrested first, asked questions later -- which is very common when it comes to rape claims. The most troubling aspect: the innocent man was arrested at his job, and  "investigators began looking into Crider a few days later."  Actually, three days later.

Did you get that?

This innocent man was permitted to have an awful rape charge hanging over his head for three days -- because investigators arrested first, investigated later.

There is something terribly wrong with a society that permits this. Something just awful. And it's why we do what we do.

Thanks to AfOR

Woman arrested for allegedly falsely accusing man of rape

A custody dispute turned nasty led to a North Platte woman being arrested for allegedly falsely accusing the father of her children of rape.

Jessica Crider, 25, 1115 N. Bailey, was arrested Friday, Jan. 8 and charged with false reporting, tampering with a witness, and bribery of a witness after an interview with an investigator at the Public Safety building.

The arrest stemmed from an incident Crider allegedly fabricated Dec. 18. According to police at that time, Crider came into the police station that morning and said that Bradley McCartney, 27, raped her when she was over at his house that morning.

At the time, a police spokesperson declined to discuss why she was over at the house. The Bulletin has since learned that Crider was picking up her children as part of the couple's shared custody.

McCartney was arrested at his job the next day.

Lt. Mike Swain told the Bulletin Monday that investigators began looking into Crider a few days later, on Dec. 22.

Swain said the police became aware of phone conversations that he said indicated that the sexual assault never occurred and that Crider fabricated it to gain the upper hand in the custody case.

The county attorney’s office confirmed that while McCartney was arrested for first-degree sexual assault, no formal charges were ever levied against him.

Crider was held on $10,000 bond according to the Clerk of the County Court’s Office, who reported she bonded out over the weekend.