Sunday, January 10, 2010

OT: Another UK female features writer shows her misandry

Yet another UK female features writer who can't resist slamming men: tall buildings are a testimony to male vanity.  Female architects would do better, of course, than foolish men out to impress with their vain phallic creations.

Here we go again.  Generalizing all males based on what some do. And attributing a characteristic she's decided is negative to maleness, without any evidence whatsoever for the link.  None, aside from her misandry.

The most celebrated architect, and perhaps the most celebrated artist, America ever produced was, of course, a male -- Frank Lloyd Wright, who either invented or at least perfected and popularized the very design styles that this writer associates with female architects.  My favorite Wright concoction was the builing he designed to openly mock and challenge the so-called "European" school of functional architecture -- by taking what they did and showing them what Frank Lloyd Wright could do with it. The result was Fallingwater.  But I am sure that some dizzy woman in the UK would say that all that spewing water is a sorry metaphor for ejaculation.