Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mother sues DHS for placing child in foster care

A couple of things that make me wonder in this case. Most times, a convicted sex offender isn't allowed to have contact with children. I realize his may be a case of a 17 year old with his 15 year old girlfriend (we don't know because it doesn't state). Was she arrested? Was she investigated? It is amazing that such isn't even stated in the article. But a false allegation, is a false allegation. Doesn't matter who files it.

Lawsuit over false sexual assault allegation that placed child in foster care.

GUERNSEY, Iowa – A Johnson County woman is suing the Iowa Department of Human Services for placing her 5-year-old daughter in foster care based on a false allegation.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, 20-year-old Jessica Wilbur of Guernsey contends DHS staff placed her child in foster care based on document signed by the child’s noncustodial father, Robert Nino, a convicted sex offender.

Nino reportedly took the girl for a weekend visit, did not return her, and filed a false sexual abuse complaint against Wilbur. Nino then signed a voluntary foster care placement agreement, and the child spent two weeks in foster care.

The abuse allegation was deemed to be false, but Wilbur’s attorney says the department refused to return the child until after an article about the case ran in The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette.