Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ladue police: Woman’s rape story totally bogus

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Virginia Burns rape story totally bogus.

LADUE — Police said this afternoon that a woman who claimed she was raped and robbed along McKnight Road made up the whole story.

The woman, Virginia Burns, 50, of Overland has been charged with two counts of filing a false police report.

Burns claimed she was in a motorized wheelchair Nov. 28 when two men dragged her into the woods, raped her and stole her wallet.

Ladue police Lt. Bill Baker said the entire story was bogus. Burns is not disabled, he said, and she was actually at a motel in St. Charles at the time she claimed the attack happened.

“She made the whole thing up,” Baker said.

Baker said Burns confessed to making up the story when they arrested her Wednesday at her home. Burns had recently lost her wallet, and made up the story looking for sympathy, Baker said.

Looking for sympathy. Heck of a reason to claim rape.

“What aggravates me is that, number one, she claimed she was disabled,” Baker said. “Number two, that she claimed she had a speech impediment. Number three, that she claimed she was raped and robbed and picked this community to report it.”

That's the order that things aggravated you? She falsely claimed to be raped, and the most disturbing was that she lied about her disabilities? The false rape came in last of the things that she lied about. Glad to see where you put false accusations on your list.

Burns was charged with two counts of filing a false report because she first told her story to Overland police before she was referred to Ladue, the agency responsible for the area where the crime supposedly occurred.

Baker said he believes Burns picked Ladue as the location for the fabricated tale because the story would receive a lot of attention from the community and the media. Burns claimed her van ran out of gas along the road, and she was traveling in her motorized wheelchair when two men attacked her.

Burns owns a motorized wheelchair, Baker said, but she is able to walk without difficulty. There was no evidence to suggest Burns was sexually assaulted.

Sounds like she makes it a habit to claim things for sympathy. I can't really see a reason why someone would use a wheelchair if they didn't need it.

Ladue detectives investigating the case interviewed about 175 people, including residents of the McKnight Road area between Ladue and Clayton roads where the woman claimed the attack occurred.

Time and again, Baker said, people who were driving in the area at the time of the supposed incident, or who live nearby, told investigators there was no broken-down van along McKnight during the timeframe the woman provided.

“It made everybody a little skittish here that there were supposed to be two people responsible for the brutal rape in their community,” Baker said. “People there were upset and concerned.”

The final break in the case came when investigators contacted a person who was with Burns at a St. Charles motel at the time she claimed the attack happened.

Burns, who was booked into jail and released, also was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession because investigators reportedly found drugs at her residence when they arrested her.

Why do I get the feeling that she will get more of a punishment for the drugs than she will for the FRA?

Link: http://www.stltoday.com/blogzone/st-louis-crime-beat/2009/12/10/ladue-police-womans-rape-story-totally-bogus/