Thursday, January 28, 2010

If you didn't enjoy the sex, just accuse the guy of rape!

"Why would women lie about rape?" cry the false rape deniers, as if it is so incredible. Professor Kanin described three principal reasons women lie about rape: (1) It "serve[s] the complainants’ need to provide a plausible explanation for some suddenly foreseen, unfortunate consequence of a consensual encounter, usually sexual,with a male acquaintance." (2) It is "a means of retaliating against a rejecting male." And (3) It is an attention/sympathy-getting device.

The following news story fits into none of those categories. It ranks among the more cold-hearted motives I've seen for a rape lie, which is saying a lot. We once reported on a woman who cried rape because she wanted a day off from work. And we've seen women cry rape to get out of paying for a taxi ride. I could write a book about women seeking to hurt men for a variety of reasons with false rape charges (come to think of it, I am writing a book). But this case is especially loathsome for its cavalier cruelty. When you read cases like this, you need to feel the outrage by imagining you are the innocent man who was falsely accused, and also an actual rape victim who sees women like these two lower the credibility of all rape victims.


False Rape Claim Over Bad Sex

Cops: Tennessee women solicited cigarettes in exchange for liaison

JANUARY 28--Two Tennessee women who accused a man of rape have admitted to cops that they had consensually agreed to sex with him in exchange for a pack of cigarettes. One woman told investigators that the duo filed a phony police report because they "didn't enjoy the sex," according to cops. Jessica Kathleen Alexander, 18, and Tammy Nicole Ortega, 29, were arrested today for filing a false police report. Alexander, top, and Ortega are pictured below in mug shots taken by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The women had originally claimed that they had been assaulted last night by two men outside a Telford home. But Alexander and Ortega subsequently confessed to having a consensual encounter with a man they had met on a telephone chat line (and who agreed to their sex-for-cigarettes proposition). After recanting the rape claim, Alexander told cops that they accused the man "because they didn't enjoy the sex," according to a sheriff's news release. Both women are being held in the county lockup in advance of their scheduled arraignment tomorrow morning in Jonesborough Session Court. Police have not identified the accused man, who still could be charged with solicitation in connection with the sex-for-cigarettes arrangement.

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