Monday, January 18, 2010

If my opponent likes me, I'm probably not doing my job

A comment popped up on Abyss2Hope by an anonymous person who mischaracterizes what we say and believe. This comment was not written by the blogger, but by some reader. Here is the comment:

"There's a blog called the "False Rape Society" that is so upsetting, so backward, that it makes you want to pull your hair out. Every single thing you say about what the rape appologists [sic] think about rape is absolutely true. I was so tired of hearing about "real" rapes (must be violent, must be caught on tape, must have witnesses). It is distressing that people think this way. Thank you for what you do."

My, oh, my, oh, my.

Whoever said that rape must be "violent"? What feminist ass did they pull that lie from? If a woman says "no," or if a man unreasonably believes she consented, it's rape, period. Whoever said rape must be caught on tape? Or must have witnesses?

They have transmogrified me into a rape apologist -- by making up things from whole cloth. This is what passes for enlightened feminist thought in 2010: lies and misandry. And, of course, self-righteousness. Don't forget self-righteousness. Anyone who dares to speak up for innocent persons falsely accused of a terrible crime against women must hate women. To the true believers -- the hard core rape feminists -- I know that what we do here must seem to be misogyny because it doesn't advocate castrating or killing anyone who happens to be accused of rape (and I know -- very few feminists actually believe that, but then again, few feminists who write about rape seem to care for presumed innocent or falsely accused men).

Fair-minded people recognize that our goals are far more modest: we do nothing more than advocate that the presumed innocent be treated as if we really did presume their innocence.

But, hey, if they like me, then I'm not doing my job.

Update 1/20/10: An important debate erupted in the comments about whether rape should require evidence of resistance. There should not be any such requirement. So that there is no misunderstanding about my position, see my comment under this post at 5:25 pm 1/19 Pierce Harlan