Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gross injustice: Teen rotted in jail for months after girl recanted rape claim

This is why we have this Web site.  In the story beneath this comment, a young man was permitted to rot in jail for months after his false accuser recanted.  I have been scratching my head trying to fathom one legitimate reason why he should have remained locked up all this time, and I can't think of one.  Not one.

One or more prominent rape feminists are scrutinizing this site, apparently disgusted that we would have the temerity to speak up for a class of victim they happily ignore, and deluding themselves that their oppostion to our site helps rape victims when it does exactly the opposite. 

False rape claims like the one in this story hurt and often destroy innocent men and boys, but they also do terrible harm to the credibility of all women and girls who cry rape.  Every serious student of the subject agrees with that. Rape feminists who are disgusted that we hightlight, underscore, and sound the alarm about stories like this, and who would prefer to stick their heads in the sand about false rape claims in general, do rape victims a grave disservice in the interest of advancing a political agenda. Rape victims should say to hell with the rape advocates and join us in condemning and in trying to reduce false rape claims -- because the crime of rape is being trivialized by women who lie about it.   I repeat what I've said before: the day the prominent rape advocates start taking this problem seriously is the day I go away.  Shame on all of you for not caring about the young man in the story below and all the others like him. 

And, by the way, the young man in the story is black.  Big surprise.  I have no idea if there was a racial element to this case, but every time I hear of a case where the treatment of the innocent male seems excessive even by false rape standards (where unwarranted and excessive incarceration is the norm), chances are the victim of the false rape claim is a young black male.  That is not to suggest that young white men are treated fairly when it comes to false rape claims.

One final note: there was no adjudication here to definitively declare that the claim was "false."  Thankfully that wasn't necessary because the police have determined that sex was consensual. In any event, even if the claim was merely unfounded (with no one being able to say with reasonable certainty what happened), this would in no manner excuse the fact that a young man was permitted to be locked up for months on a "he said/she said" claim (actually three "hes" versus one "she"), and in the face of a recantation. If the police wanted to continue to investigate the claim after the recantation, that certainly might have been warranted, depending on the facts.  What was not warranted was depriving a young man of his liberty for months.  Issue a restraining order against him if you must, but don't lock him away like a criminal.

I am literally sick to my stomach over stories like this.

Read the story and go to the original site to see the video -- the tears of the young man's mother should be our tears as well.


Teens cleared of rape charges

Mastic (WABC) -- Three teenagers accused of gang raping a 14-year old girl in a Mastic home back in October have been cleared. But one of them spent months in jail, even though girl recanted her story just three days after the incident.

Tyquan Dawson and two other teens, ages 15 and 16, were arrested for rape.

On Friday the Suffolk County District Attorney's office dismissed the charges, saying the sex was consensual and no force was used.

"I'm angry due to the fact that my son's name is getting slammed," said Tyquan's mother Sharon. She added that she was relieved, but also still angry at the accuser.

Lawyers for the teens want to know why the DA's office didn't reveal the fact that the girl dropped the rape accusation, and why Dawson had to stay in jail for so long after.

The DA's office says it was the parole division that kept him locked up.