Monday, January 25, 2010

Detectives say Punta Gorda woman's reported car jacking and rape false

Another one where the police got it right during the investigation. It does make one wonder, just how many of these types of incidents we don't hear about, because they are deemed to be false, and so the investigation is closed, and nothing further need be done. However, once again, we need to start seeing the names of those who make these false allegations, if simply to protect anyone who may come in contact with her, and be falsely accused down the road.

Just one question. If it has been determined to be false, why does the investigation continue?

Unknown woman falsely cries rape and carjacking. Reasons unknown.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Major Crimes detectives have determined that the 21-year-old Punta Gorda woman who reported Wednesday that she was carjacked and raped in the South Punta Gorda Heights area was providing false information.

Detectives said based on their investigation that this was neither a sexual assault nor a car jacking that involved a second person. No other details will be released at this time as the investigation continues.