Monday, January 18, 2010

Serial false rape accuser arrested

Came across this story posted over at It seems that Israel has something of a serial false accuser on their hands. Maybe it is the difference in cultures, but she is named for all to see. Of course, someone who has filed dozens of false accusations is a serious threat to the public safety. Why she has been free this long is the question.

And the final paragraph says it all. How do you compensate someone and restore their good name?

Malka Zarhian has filed dozens of false rape reports over the last year.

The Israeli local court in Kefar Saba, has extended arrest order of Malka (Mali) Zarihan in in 5 days, YNET NEWS has reported today. (Original YNET Article in hebrew here).

Malka (Mali) Zarhian, a 25 years old women from Raanana, Israel, is a suspected of commiting a series of blackmail and false rape accusation crimes. According to YNET report, Mali Zarihan used to hitch-hike on the roads, and then blackmail the drivers. She would say that unless the drivers give her money she would complain in the Israeli police that they raped her. According to YNET report, several dozens of Israeli drivers fell vistim to Mali Zarihan's crime over the last year.

One of the drivers, Ronen Cohen from Moshav Ganot, told his story to YNET NEWS: "I was thrown in a jail cell. I cried and yelled there, because I really didn't underdtand how I got into this situation - without doing anything wrong." About 3 months ago, ronen has seen Mali Zarihan hitchiking on the road leading from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. "I have seen a blonde women and immidiately stopped the car. She asked me to drive her to Tel-Aviv area, and we talked on the way. We have agreed to stop by my house and hang out together, she took a shower at my place, and we were drinking together and having a good time. We started touching each other." Ronen says. However, from this point things just got worse. Ronen keeps telling his horror story: "She asked me to stop, and I immidiately did. I felt a weird fatigue, I think she has put somehting in my drink. After that I was out of focus, but I remember her crying for help and tells the police that she has been raped".

The police soon arrived, and Ronen has opened the door for them. The Police told Ronen that he is a suspect of raping the women, and he was taken to the police station. Ronen tells that he denied all allegations against him. Luckily for him the accuser refused to pass a medical test, which made the Police suspect that she might no be telling the truth.

Ronen has been under Arrest for 24 hours. When he returned home, he noticed that the women has stolen things from his property, thousands of NIS worth while he was under arrest. Ronen says that the hardest part of it was the stigma and weird looks at the eyes of neighbours, friends and relatives. "For them, I am a rapist". Ronen says.

About a month ago, Ronen was driving his car with his female friend, and the police stopped him for a routine licenses check. The policemen who was looking up his details in the police computer, told him that he has a past of being suspect of rape, in front of his female friend.
Ronen says that his friend got terrified, and only after a long conversation Ronen has been able to convince her that it was a false accusation.

Another victim of Mali Zarihan has been M. from the village Ein-Rafa, not far from Jerusalem. M tells a similar story. He gave hitchhiking Mali Zarihan a ride. She told him that she was depressed after her boyfriend dumped her. "We exchanged phone numbers. Since that night we have talked many times over the phone, and 2 weeks later I met her together with my friend. When we were about to say goodbye, she wouldn't leave the car and demanded that I drive her to the Northern part of Israel, a hundereds of kilometers driving distance. I refused, and she left.

Several hours later M recieved a phone call from his brother, telling him that the police came home to look for him, and that he is now a suspect of rape. "I didn't understand what happened", M tells. "I rushed to the police station and saw Mali sit there and cry. The Cops jumped on me and arrested me immidiately. I denied all claims, but the court has extended my arrest the day after regardless of that. I have been arrested for 3 days, until I was bailed out", he painfully tells.

M says that his family believed and supported him all along the way, but members of his community in the small village where he lives did not. "People treated me like a rapist, and Even called me "Benny Sella". (Benny Sella is a famous Israeli serial rapist who is now in jail). Even the relationship with my girlfriend has deteriorated since all this happened."

The police found out the Mali Zarihan has filed dezens of rape complaints in different polices stations all across Israel in the recent 12 months. The police has called the public to provide any additional information about Mali Zarhian, the Serial false rape accuser.

Mali Zarihan might be now senteneced to some time in prison, but who will compensate her victims for their lost good name?