Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bartow police: woman made up stories of attacks

How far will a false accuser go? How about beating herself up with her own shoe, and cutting herself with a razor blade. Why? To keep her boyfriend from leaving her.

Now, call me crazy, but if you were the boyfriend, would this type of action make you stay? Or would you run away as fast and as soon as you could?

She was not arrested, and she MAY (not will) have to pay back $3,000 for the police resources used.

Christine Lanier abuses self and cries rape to keep boyfriend.

POLK COUNTY ( -- A Polk County woman is facing two counts of filing false police reports after authorities said she lied twice about being attacked by a man.

According to Bartow Police, 29-year-old Christine Lanier beat herself with a shoe and scratched her face with a razor as part of her story about an attack and a rape attempt.

Bartow Police Sargeant David Wyant said Lanier cut herself and made up the story in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from leaving her.

“He was preparing to leave her,” Wyant said. “And she said she had to do something to get the attention back on her so he wouldn’t leave her and the kids.”

According to officials, Lanier reported Oct. 3 that a man with a knife attacked her and tried to rape her in the backyard of her home on Piedmont Court. Officials said more than $1,000 worth of resources were used in an investigation.

“We had two K-9 units respond, we called the sheriff’s office they put the helicopter up,” Wyant said. “So, in man power, if you break it down to dollars and cents, you’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars spent on nothing.”

About a month later, Lanier said she was attacked by the same man at a Bartow Church.

After the second claim, officers took a pictures of Lanier’s cuts and scratches on her face. Authorities also found a razor blade in the church bathroom. A Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime lab examination revealed DNA on the blade matched Lanier’s.

When questioned on Wednesday, Lanier admitted she made up the stories.

“I told her I don’t want to call her a liar but I don’t believe what she’s telling me is completely true,” Wyant said. “There was a little bit of pause there and some silence. And she dropped her head and started crying and said she just made it up.”

Bay News 9 reporter Josh Rojas went to Lanier’s home to get her side of the story but she turned down an interview request. Her boyfriend and father of her children, Bobby Torrence, said he still believes she was attacked twice.

Lanier’s charges are misdemeanors and she was not arrested.

She may, however, have to pay for police resources in the case and that could be up to $3,000.