Monday, January 4, 2010

Alleged sexual assault at SC didn’t happen, police say

The assault never happened, the police chief acknowledges the damage done to the falsely accused (after being named at the time, I presume), and yet the accuser is never named.

Well, I'm glad she won't have her name published and any damage possibly done to her good name. /sarcasm for those who didn't realize it.

Sexual assault never happened, yet accuser STILL retains anonymity.

Investigators of a recent alleged sexual assault case at Southwestern College have concluded that the assault never happened, according to a written statement from Winfield Police Chief Danny Parker.

The alleged sexual assault reportedly occurred on campus at Southwestern on Nov. 8. It is unrelated to another rape alleged to have occurred on campus and reported to authorities on Sept. 12 or 13. That case is still under investigation, Parker said.

“The facts identified in (the Nov. 8) incident clearly exonerate the alleged suspects of any wrongdoing or criminal activity,” Parker wrote in the statement. “Unfortunately, reputations of the falsely accused individuals have been damaged. This should be a reminder that the accused is innocent until proven guilty.”

The reporting party, whose name was not released, could face criminal charges as a case of false reporting. The charge has been presented to the Cowley County attorney’s office for possible prosecution, according to the statement.