Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teenager admits false rape claim

So her sentence is deferred. As long as she keeps her nose clean for a while, she is free to falsely accuse someone else down the road. I hope that she at least has to pay back the costs of the investigation.

Elgin court told of huge investigation

Published: 24/11/2009

A PREGNANT teenager’s mother said today she was mystified over why her daughter falsely claimed she had been raped at knifepoint.

Moray College student Lucinda Hicks, of 23 Kingsmills, Elgin, told officers she had been raped by an unidentified man on a pathway near Grampian Road, Elgin, on April 9.

Elgin Sheriff Court heard the false allegations resulted in Grampian Police devoting almost 800 police officer hours to the inquiry and questioning more than 300 people.

Hicks, 17, had her sentence deferred after she admitted making false representations and causing the police to devote time and services, at the public expense, to an investigation which she knew to be false.