Friday, December 4, 2009

Student Accused Of Filing False Rape Report Has Date In Court

So, she cried rape in June. While the story doesn't mention it, I hope that no one was in custody all this time. And I have to wonder, why is it that those that make the false accusations are still allowed to continue in school, when we see those who are on the receiving end of an FRA, are usually kicked out?

Shadia Moore due in court over false report.

Police say, after an extensive investigation, there was no rape in the Austin Building of East Carolina University on June 24.

A woman police say filed a false report of rape at East Carolina University is due in Pitt County Court Tuesday.

21-year-old Shadia Moore is due in court to face the charge of filing a false police report. Police said after an extensive investigation, including SBI lab analysis, it was found there was no assault in the Austin Building at ECU on June 24.

The university says Moore is still a student, classified as a freshman.