Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shelby Woman Indicted For Making False Rape Claim

Wow, imagine that. She was on her way to jail, and tried to escape, then claimed the officer transporting her raped her. Tell me that women don't know just what kind of response they will get when claiming rape.

Samantha Ramirez indicted after trying to escape and falsely claiming rape.

A Shelby woman was indicted by the Richland County Grand Jury on charges of escape, falsification and making false allegations after she ran out of a police cruiser in early October and accused the officer of raping her.

The incident began when Samantha Ramirez, 19, collapsed during a hearing in Shelby Municipal Court and was taken to MedCentral Shelby Hospital for treatment by Shelby Police Officer John Guisinger. After treatment, Ramirez was being transported to the Richland County Jail when she jumped out of the vehicle an fled.

She was later found at Ashland Samaritan Hospital where she accused the officer of raping her.
She later confessed she lied.

h/t to one of our readers.