Friday, December 18, 2009

Rape claim teenager, Kirsty Moir, jailed

I'm glad to see the judge is worried, not about the immediate victim of the false claim, but of the possible, hypothetical rape victim. A young man and his family were forced to live a nightmare for three months because of this woman's lie.

And now we have judges who are spouting stats that are so out of line with reality, it makes one shudder. 1 in 13? Really? Funny, everything I've read says that of cases that go to trial, 41% end in conviction. How does that correlate with 1 in 13?

Kirsty Moir sentneced to 9 months in custody

A teenager, whose false rape claim ran up a £100,000 police bill, has been sentenced to nine months in youth custody.

Kirsty Moir, 18, told police she was dragged into a park in Darlington by a stranger she met in a nightclub taxi queue and raped in a bandstand.

But Teesside Crown Court was told on Monday that Moir willingly had sex twice in the bandstand and back at the home of supermarket worker James Alleyne.

Police raided the home of 19-year-old Mr Alleyne after the allegations were made and his solicitor told him he faced a possible life jail sentence.

Real rape victims

County Durham police launched a massive hunt codenamed Operation Archery, which involved 800 man-hours.

Mr Alleyne and his parents in Darlington lived a nightmare for three months until Moir confessed it had been consensual sex.

Judge Guy Whitburn QC told Moir her actions could wreck the claims of real rape victims where the conviction rate used to be 1-in-3 but was now 1-in-13.

Moir, of Phoenix Place, Newton Aycliffe, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of public justice between 21 April and 19 July 2002.