Monday, December 7, 2009

Modern feminism populated by 'gender war eccentrics' who want to 'knock down doors already open'

The right kind of feminist. "According to [Christina] Hoff Sommers, the modern feminist movement has been appropriated by “gender war eccentrics” who want to “knock down doors that are already open.”

Excerpt from an article worth reading: 

Hoff Sommers categorized modern feminist theorists as believing in “what they call a sex-gender system,” in which “every institution in our society bears the imprint of patriarchy.” She took issue with this theory.

“I read that and just do not recognize the society we live in,” she said. “It is too dramatic and negative about our society.”

Hoff Sommers said that modern feminist theorists have bolstered their views with urban myths and “egregiously false information.” She said she had found that many commonly cited statistics, such as that violence against women increases 80 percent on Super Bowl Sunday, did not have any basis.

“Over and over again, you could count on theorists to overstate,” Hoff Sommers said. “The truth is so much more complicated. If you want to help women, help them by using the truth.”

According to Hoff Sommers, the feminist movement has also become increasingly hostile towards men, “implicating an entire gender.” It does so by focusing on the bad behavior associated with “aberrational masculinity” rather than what most men are like.

"We get the worst-case male standing for masculinity,” she said.

This attitude, Hoff Sommers said, is partly the reason why the increasing plight of American boys has largely been overlooked.

“American young men are underachieving, underperforming,” Hoff Sommers said. “The gap favoring girls is getting close to a chasm.”