Monday, December 14, 2009

Man falsifies rape report

This is a novel case. A man dresses as a woman, and falsely claims rape to try to get assistance getting home.

If only this idea by Sgt. Makonese was adhered to more:

She urged members of the public against making false reports, as the police would not hesitate to arrest them.

Man files false report after dressing as woman.

A man who desperately wanted to travel to his rural home in Esigodini allegedly disguised himself as a woman and made a false rape report at Nyamandlovu Police Station.

The suspect, Alecksia Ncube aged 28, of New Cross Farm in Nyamandlovu, was hoping that the police would assist him to travel to Esigodini as part of their investigations. Lucky was, however, not on his side as he was arrested for making a false report.

Matabeleland North police spokeswoman Seargent Siphiwe Makonese confirmed the incident, adding that the man was in police custody. Sgt Makonese said Ncube walked into the police station at about 11.30am on Saturday, wearing a jean skirt, red T-shirt, hat and black female tennis shoes.

He reported that he had been raped by a stranger in a bushy area in Mimosa, along the Bulawayo-Tsholotsho Road.

“The complainant slept at the station that night and on Sunday, a female officer from the Victim Friendly Unit who was investigating the case asked the suspect to change clothes as they were going to be used as part of the evidence. She also told the suspect that, as part of evidence gathering, 'she' would be taken for a medical examination on Monday,” said Sgt Makonese.

“The suspect was taken to a room by two female officers so that he could change.

“When the suspect removed a T-shirt a ball made out of cloth fell out of the bra. The officers were surprised when they realised that 'she' had no breasts. They asked 'her' to show them ‘her’ private parts and realised that 'she' had male organs.

“The officers were shocked and at first thought ‘she’ had both male and female organs but on being quizzed, the suspect revealed that he was male. He was then arrested for making a false report."

Sgt Makonese said on being questioned further the suspect revealed that he had made the false report with the hope that he would be assisted to travel to his rural home.

He had told the police officers that he worked as a maid in Esigodini but investigations revealed that he came from the area. Sgt Makonese said police searched the suspect's bag and discovered that he had three female panties.

She urged members of the public against making false reports, as the police would not hesitate to arrest them.

"We also value our time and resources and would not want to waste time investigating false cases," she said.