Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flashback: remember before the Duke lacrosse players were declared 'innocent'?

For your amusement, here's part of a comment left by an insane, extreme feminist named "Elaina" under an incomprehensibl blogpost that was made after the alleged rape at Duke. It is well for all of us to know that insanity like this exists.  I am trying to find this woman's retraction and apology after it turned out the only victims at Duke were the young men:
. . ..
I used to do work with a group in TN that opposes the death penalty, because I’m against the death penalty in a capitalist system. I’ve written papers on it. It’s situations like the one at Duke that have forced me, many times, to reevaluate my position, though I still stand firm that under capitalism the legal system won’t deliver justice to those sorely in need of it.

Right now I’m thinking that these men, even the ones who stood by and didn’t stop what was happening, even the ones who maybe only watched, they’re ALL guilty of rape, and right now my gut and my heart tell me that they’re wasting precious oxygen and resources by being allowed to live.

After looking at my local “sex offender” registry, it seems that in TN law enforcement does a better job of castigating small-time drug dealers and meth addicts. You’re more likely to stay in jail longer for these kinds of offenses than if you commit a sex crime- sexual assault or statutory rape, say.

The law isn’t the place to look for guidance or comfort. It never has been.

I wish that we’d evolved to a point where “paranoia” over social upsurge as a reaction to rape wasn’t just a “white paranoia.” I wish you could call it “male paranoia,” if that makes sense. But we aren’t, because we don’t have the same kind of social upheaval around the issue of rape here, for some wacky reason. Men are very comfortable in that they don’t have to worry about riots and fires and losing their own personal property when a woman is raped and her attackers are set free. And I’m not saying that in any sort of attempt to negate the “blackness” of the woman who was brutally attacked at Duke. This “black-woman”-ness will be key in the white-male defense strategy, because defense attourneys can play on all the preconcieved notions that the white-male-centric legal system holds when it comes to people that aren’t white and aren’t men.

That said, my hope is that these fuckwads get the steepest sentence imaginable that’s available for what they’ve done. I don’t think what’s available is enough, but that’s my humble opinion, I guess.

I hope that my sister in NC comes out of this whole thing as close to “OK” as she can. Her life’s been permanently changed at the whim of privileged white debauchery. I fucking hate that. Hate it like crazy, and I hate it more and more every second of the day; as a result I turn the mirror to myself to see what it is I can do, on a day-to-day level, with my life and myself to stop this system that just acts as fucking anal-ease for men who feel like doing this sort of thing. I think that if I’m doing that, then all the men, radical or not, leftist or not, all the men reading this blog need to be doing the same thing. I hope that’s happening. It seems like it, from the commentary here.

I might comment more later. Right now I gotta go and fight the man.