Monday, December 28, 2009

False Rape claim puts Samukeliso Maduma in trouble

To cover up an affair -- with her husband's uncle no less -- she accused the uncle of rape. He was then arrested. Unfortunately, it doesn't state how long he was in custody.

Samukeliso Maduma in trouble for FRA.

ZIMBABWE – TSHOLOTSHO- A 31-year-old Tsholotsho woman fell in love with her husband’s uncle aged 72 and later made a false report of rape against him in a bid to cover up the adulterous relationship, a magistrate heard on Wednesday.

The woman made the report when she thought some people had seen them while they were intimate in the bush.

Tsholotsho senior resident magistrate, Toindepi Zhou was told this at the initial appearance of Samukeliso Maduma, of Maqethuka Village.

She is facing a charge of making a false report as defined by the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act.

She was remanded in custody to today for plea recording as she indicated that she was admitting to the charge.

Asked by the magistrate why she made a false report against the complainant Elias Moyo, Maduma said she was in love with him and on the day they were intimate in the bush, she thought someone saw them.

She said she wanted to counter the person so that when it reaches the ears of her husband it would appear that his uncle had raped her.

The prosecutor- in- charge of Tsholotsho courts, Fritz Madida, told the court that on 15 November, Maduma went to Tsholotsho Police Station and made a report that her husband’s uncle had raped her.

Moyo was arrested and remanded in custody on 16 November.

However, when police were making further investigations into the matter, Maduma revealed that she had lied against Moyo.

She was immediately arrested and a docket opened against her.