Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doctor’s error leads to false accusation in Tenerife ‘rape’ case

An erroneous medical report led to a man being accused of the rape and murder of a three-year-old girl in Tenerife last week.

The child, Aitana, died last week in hospital. Initial press reports alleged the girl’s body bore numerous burns and bruises as well as evidence of sexual assault. The 24-year-old boyfriend of the girl’s mother was arrested in connection with the death.

But the man was yesterday released without charges as a new medical report revealed the girl’s death was due to internal injuries she suffered after falling in a play park five days before and that the burns were actually an allergic reaction to a cream. The new report also discounted any possibility of sexual abuse.

The young man’s lawyer has said his client will be pursuing legal action against the doctor who drew up the first medical report. The lawyer said: “We are furious with the press. How are they going to repair the damage they have done after ‘lynching’ my client and describing him as a rapist?”

The lawyer's remarks underscore the reason that there MUST be anonymity for those involved in a sexual assault/rape case. I would say that the hospital, and hospital staff, should also be charged with, at the least, filing a false report.