Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chloe Dolton 'cried rape after living out fantasy of having sex with two strangers' -- gets two year sentence

Her own words state what are likely the main reasons for most false rape claims:

'I am such a hateful girl, such a selfish girl.'

Note: this is yet another case where the innocent men were save by a camera. ". . . the men maintained that they had consensual sex with the woman and CCTV footage backed up their statements."

Chloe Dolton False cry of rape

A young woman cried rape after 'fulfilling a fantasy' of having sex with two strangers, a court heard yesterday.

Chloe Dolton, 22, was 'bored' with her life and willingly engaged in the threesome after an argument with her boyfriend, it was alleged.

A jury heard she had previously expressed her sexual fantasies in a diary, in which she wrote: 'I am in crisis. I am so bored of my life and need a miracle.

'I try to be nice and decent but I always end up one way or another trying to **** someone, a girl or a boy.'

The entry on a computer diary entitled The Life of Chloe Dolton continued: 'I should be out having fun with every boy I meet, having sex with whoever I like.

'I am such a hateful girl, such a selfish girl.'

The prosecution said she fulfilled her fantasy at the end of an evening spent drinking alcohol, and later accused the two men of rape because she was ashamed of what she had done.

Dolton told police that Robert Joborski and Gregor Bukowski grabbed her as she walked home alone from a late-night party where she had played drinking games.

She said they then raped her in a stone shelter built into the side of a cliff in the North Devon resort of Ilfracombe.

The two men were later arrested but never charged. They said the sex had been consensual and that Dolton had approached them late at night in a 'chatty and friendly' manner.

Mr Bukowski said after they met he had put his arm around her and they started kissing before Dolton asked if he had a condom.

He then had sex with her although the prosecutor said the 'sex came to a premature end' when Dolton received a phone call from her live-in boyfriend.

Afterwards it is said she had sex with Mr Bukowski again and invited Mr Joborski to join them, and performed a sex act on him. She then returned home where she told her boyfriend she had been raped by the two Polish men.

Dolton's boyfriend went to the scene of the alleged crime where he found two condoms which were handed over to police. But officers who investigated the rape allegations in June 2007 noticed there were 'strikingly different' versions from Dolton and the two Poles who were arrested and interviewed separately.

Prosecutor Jo Martin told Exeter Crown Court: 'It is not unusual for rapists to claim that sex was consensual.'

But she said CCTV evidence and other inconsistencies in mobile phone records of calls and texts would show that Dolton had met the two Poles before the 'alleged attack' and that the men had not grabbed and assaulted her.

The jury heard that on her way home to her flat after the sex, Dolton also bumped into a friend but failed to tell him that she had been raped.

The two Poles gave evidence in court and said Dolton, from Braunton, North Devon, laughed with them and appeared happy after their encounter and that was the last they saw of her.

Dolton denies perverting the course of justice by making the false rape claims.

Miss Martin said of the defendant: 'She deliberately lied to her boyfriend, her family and friends and to the police.

'She clearly lied because probably of her shame and regret. She had in fact had consensual sex with two complete strangers.'

The trial continues.

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Another account is found here -- it notes that the woman was she was convicted and given a two year sentence. It notes: "The two Polish pals - one of whom had only been in Britain for 48 hours - spent 24 hours in a cell as part of a police probe costing £86,500."  And: "Dolton lied about the encounter to her boyfriend and family because of the "shame and regret" she felt about it, Exeter crown court heard."