Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Campus flyer holds 'men' responsible for rape

To the persons responsible for this flyer, that circulated on a U.S. college campus several months ago, thanks for the unfair stereotyping. If this were directed at any other class except for men, we'd have a word for it: bigotry. For example, what would be the reaction to a flyer that said, "Want to stop theft on campus?  Hispanics can stop theft! Hispanics: STOP stealing!!!!" 

But prejudice and hatred have no application to men on our gender-politicized college campuses.  White college boys are the feminists' piƱatas, fair game to be beaten for sport.
The organizations that sponsor these posters ostensibly want to engage men in positive ways, but generally, ill-conceived efforts like this are nothing more than manifestations of a pervasive movement to institutionalize women as unassailable victims and men as condemnable perps.

Posters like this never stopped a single rape, because rapists aren't shamed by things like this. 

Here's the problem with the entire discourse: instead of talking about "rapists/criminals" and asking "non-rapists/innocent persons" to become involved to help fight rape, these organizations insist on fomenting gender divisiveness. To them, elevating women to victim status is actually the paramount goal, let us be honest.  To them, "rape" is a concept much bigger than a crime; it represents purported historical female oppression and supposed white male privilege.  In order to wrap women in the garb of victimhood, they feel it is necessary to hold "women" to zero responsibility for stopping rape. Women can drink to excess while engaging in sex play with men they barely know, and when they are raped, the mere suggestion that they should rethink such behavior is branded "VICTIM BLAMING!"

Men as a class, on the other hand, are held solely accountable for the violence to "women" as a class -- and we are told how women justifiably fear all men. Men as a class, they insist, are responsible for the supposed "rape culture," which, to them, is responsible for rape, and they seek to shame innocent men for all manner of alleged sins against women that are, by any reasonable measure, not rape -- leering, degrading speech, sexism of every kind, and other misconduct. You want to talk about those things? Fine. But don't insist they are in any sense comparable to rape or that they lead to rape. Studies show, for example, that the use of porn correlates with a reduction in rape. So what does that mean? If these organizations wanted to reduce rape, they'd be handing out Playboy Magazines to men on campus (and no, I don't condone porn, for other reasons -- but please don't tell me it has anything to do with rape).

You want to end rape?  Let's get it straight:  men, as a class, can't stop rape. Rapists can stop rape. There is no rape continuum in the real world outside of Womyn's Studies classes. There is rape, and there is non-rape. To suggest that men, the vast majority of whom are not rapists, thank you very much, have any greater responsibility to prevent rape than innocent women is absurdly sexist and seeks to hold males, as a class, responsible for the crimes that only a tiny percentage of men commit (and, yes, even some women rape, too). The fact of the matter is that women can prevent rape a hell of a lot easier than innocent men by taking steps to avoid putting themselves in danger with the rapists; especially: stop engaging in sex play with guys they don't know well while they're drinking. That would eliminate most of it.

I know, I know -- to the rape feminists, that is not a viable solution. You see, it's much easier to blame an entire gender for the malefactions of a few and to suggest that maleness is inherently evil and needs to be changed than it is to actually take steps to reduce rape.

And some people wonder why young men are staying away from college in droves!