Friday, November 13, 2009

Woman gets two years for FRA

COMMENT: The most important question that emerges from the case discussed in the news story below this comment is the single most important question in the entire false rapes milieu: How can a woman like this cause the state to hold innocent men against their will and subject them to humiliating intimate tests and to the anxiety of a rape charge hanging over their heads for several months? Put another way, why do we allow these women to have so much power over innocent men?

As you read the story, please notice that the case is rife with some of the most awful truths about FRAs. By way of example, the judge repeats the myth that FRAs are uncommon. In addition, the news account reports on the accuser's troubled background -- have you ever seen a news report go on about a rapist's troubled past? Further, the false accuser has done it before, so it's fair to call her a serial false accuser. If there were an FRA registry, it might have furnished notice about this woman's propensities to her latest victims. No such registry exists, of course, and men are left to their own devices to avoid these awful situations.


Leicester woman sent to jail for false rape claim

Friday, November 13, 2009, 09:30

A woman willingly had sex with two men and then falsely claimed they had raped her, a court heard.

Christina Dallison, who also made a false rape claim against another man four years earlier, wept as she was jailed for two years yesterday.

Leicester Crown Court was told the two 40-year-old men she wrongly accused were held in custody for 20 hours, and underwent humiliating intimate tests.

All three innocent male victims endured the anxiety of facing prosecution for several months, until the cases were dropped.

Dallison (27), a former escort of Dunton Street, Woodgate, Leicester, committed the offences because she suffered from a personality disorder and craved attention.

She admitted perverting the course of justice by falsely claiming a volunteer worker had raped her, between May and June 2004, and a similar charge relating to two Leicester men, between May and July last year.

Passing sentence, Judge Michael Fowler told Dallison: "It's hard to imagine a more disturbing, distressing shadow to have hanging over you than an allegation of rape for many months.

"Your actions have general and specific consequences because they are a betrayal of victims of genuine rape and put into the minds of people that false allegations (of rape) are in some way commonplace, and we know they're not."

Judge Fowler said Dallison had deep-seated personal problems but added that did not excuse "lying in a way calculated to get others into trouble in the most serious and damaging of ways".

Rosa Dean, prosecuting, said that in January 2004 Dallison met a volunteer worker in Manchester via the internet and had sex with him on their first date. Two days later she made a false rape claim, causing him to be held in a police cell for three hours and subjected to intensive questioning.

Due to her obvious lies, the case was dropped against him six months later.

The matter was reinvestigated after the further false rape claims.

In 2008 she met one of the victims at Leicester Job Centre. She approached him, saying she found him attractive. She told him she was a nurse and then an escort girl, who had no accommodation. He briefly let her stay at his Belgrave home.

She later contacted him, inviting herself round, interrupting his evening with a male friend.

Dallison had taken amphetamine and ended up instigating consensual sex with both men.

While there, she sent her then boyfriend text messages purporting to be sent by a man holding her captive and threatening to kill her. The boyfriend alerted the police, who located her at the Belgrave address. There Dallison told police both men in the house had raped her.

When later questioned about her false claims Dallison said she thought the two men had treated her badly and she felt like a whore.

Rebecca Herbert, mitigating, said: "She's utterly distraught at the prospect of custody. She suffers from a severe personality disorder and is a deeply troubled woman."

Dallison was rejected as a child by her mother, abused by a step-grandfather and unable to form lasting relationships.

Mrs Herbert added: "The very behaviour she indulges in to attract men is because of her complete lack of self worth."

After the hearing, Cindy Allen of Leicester's Rape Crisis Centre said: "We at Jasmine House deplore any person who brings false accusations of rape as it damages the credibility of all and wrecks the lives of innocent people."